Lotus or Ham and eggs


I love old names for plants, even more when they are still in use, like this English name for lotus corniculatus. I am a bit sorry for the little spider from the corner of my photo, I’ve just discovered it, so please do not eat it for the breakfast..


6 thoughts on “Lotus or Ham and eggs

  1. A wonderful bright picture, safely guarded by what appears to be a very well fed spider. Thank you for visiting me at Willy Nilly in the Garden of Dark and Light, which is a metaphor for the virtues of the human spirit. I think gardens are the greatest medicine for a frantic life. I enjoy your blog and pictures very much and appreciate you allowing me to visit as well.


    1. I see My Botanical Garden as metaphor, too. Gardens are much more as flowers and trees…..You are most welcome to visit My Botanical Garden !


  2. That is lovely. In England we commonly call Lotus corniculatus Bird’s-foot Trefoil, Granny’s Toenails is another name, they are both references to the seed pods. I think that your little spider is a Crab Spider, they hide on flower heads to ambush prey and they can change colour to match the flower they are on but they are very good at doing yellow and so I am surprised that yours is white. I will put a Crab Spider on my blog and perhaps they can be friends. I hope that you don’t mind that I have added a link to your spider post on my spider post.


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