Gardens of Yuan Ming Yuan

East side of the Palace of the Calm of the Sea, Gardens of Yuan Ming Yuan, Peking, 1783-86 - Giuseppe Castiglione

 “East side of the Palace of the Calm of the Sea, Gardens of Yuan Ming Yuan, Peking, 1783-86”, Giuseppe Castiglione, from:

Peony, the flower I would like to write about in my next post, impressed Giusseppe Castiglione already many centuries ago. After discovering this obscure fact I became interested in this Italian Jesuit missionary work. He became painter and architect at the China emperors court at far 18th century and his works  were a graceful blend of two different cultural influences and techniques, an unique time box for the future.  Isn’t it thrilling to see, for example, what the China emperor saw walking down his garden around 1785? 

By Tamara Jare

Slovenian contemporary figurative painter.
Art is life. Contemporary figurative painting. Oil on canvas. Love colors.
Slovenian artist Tamara Jare specializes in figurative oil painting on canvas. Her paintings are defined by vibrant colors, be it still life, landscape or portrait. Tamara Jare artworks have been exhibited at curated art shows in United States, Italy and Slovenia.
Tamara Jare artwork has been presented in SAATCHI ART BEST 2021 and BEST 2022 COLLECTIONS.
Browse official site to read Tamara Jare art blog with the news from her painting studio, new releases, scheduled exhibitions.
Saatchi Art is exclusive seller of Tamara Jare paintings.

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