First vegetables from My Botanical Garden


My Botanical Garden proudly presents the very first harvest from this spring! It all started as my friend D invited two friends of hers (you got it, I am one of them ) to join her gardening efforts on a quiet big parcel she owns and where she had some gardening successes a year before- especially beans were making us a bit envy. Gardening cannot compare to indoor fitness, the first reason, we are a great bunch of friends, reason number two, we can grow organic vegetables, reason three, and having own vegetables means you don’t need to spend time and money shopping greens, these were my first thoughts as I happily accepted the offer. The three of us started the garden as soon as first frosts were gone in Ljubljana and we did it seriously. I admit, we do have a cup of coffee and lemonade each time, after the work is done, but we are deeply involved in the gardening most of the time. Which is not that easy. The first problem we have is the nightmare of neighbor’s garden, gosh, how he makes these perfect rows of carrots and is he teasing us with absolutely no weed agriculture? Then there are some theoretical questions we bother with. The first question we solved contributed to the onions from the picture above. The question was: which seeds do we have to buy to grow young spring onion? The right answer a friend of all three of us unselfishly shared goes: each onion is a young onion at the beginning. Anyway, before you would  stop following this blog, please, let me explain it was my friend M’s question, she is a real city girl, after all. Like she just came from her NY vacation, just to plant the tomatoes on time and to tease her American friends with her  own eco salad.  Then there are some practical hints a good gardener has to be clear about. We learned one of them the hard way and now we know seeds sold attached to paper tapes are a just a fancy way of growing nothing more than – nothing! And as I am on the botany side of this adventure, the red radishes we proudly present are Vienna cultivar- in case you have some friends and a piece of land!












18 thoughts on “First vegetables from My Botanical Garden

    1. Thank you! It’s not about the radishes, it’s about the newspaper-this one is made specially for radish heads (we have many of them in our country 😉 )


      1. I live in southern Alberta, Canada. I like the seed tapes for small seeds like carrots and lettuce as they keep the birds from eating my seeds and they hold a bit more water to help the seeds germinate. They come up very nicely spaced and ready to grow. Maybe the seed strips you used were old stock?


  1. beautiful bounty:-) How much fun, to be with friends growing food…it is an adventure, and each year you learn more ….I never tried seed tape, but after reading your post, doubt I will..happy gardening!


    1. Thank you! We do have a lot of fun, we talk about our jobs, we make summer plans and discuss veggie picnic we want to prepare for our friends. About the learning-you bet I am the smart one 😉 -just kidding,I’ve just realized botany is not the same as agriculture !


    1. We are absolutely proud and all of our friends are tired of our selfies with salad 😉
      so far the radishes were the best, then radicchio and broccoli.
      Seed tapes seem to be a commercial trap, looks we’ve all tried them ;(


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