Morning coffee landscape




My morning coffee is the time to think about the day to come , about plans and new ideas, about things I just have to do and about the pleasant moments I wish to make today, about the sorrows and joy to come. It is the time of a day I need to be completly alone, slowly sipping my coffee to leave the dreams of the night and to enter the new day . This morning my coffee itself was like a dream,  painted landscape from the small cup embraced me suddenly,  I stepped into a tiny porcelain village, staring at the blue porcelain sea under blue porcelain sky, black dots, porcelain birds flew from somewhere. Then a breeze came, bringing fresh smell from the mountains, smell of the trees, flowers, forest. Staring to the painted landscape on my cup I noticed some trees, bushes, a garden perhaps. It felt like walking in a fairy, and I was wandering what the sorrows of the porcelain people in the morning would be. Tomorrow morning, when I come back to the porcelain land they might tell me……


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