Antheraea yamamai -from silk to Mach number

My Botanical Garden

It is a hot August whether these days here around, the temperatures above 30 degrees C for almost two weeks.Only nights are a bit cooler,we stay awake quiet late. Yesterday evening was the same,we were watching TV as a strange visitor came in-a yellow, huge moth was flying across the room almost like a bird,then he sat down on a plant and remained there long enough for us to make some pics.We’ve seen such a big moth here for the first time-and have been very impressed by his story.

Yamamai or Japanese Oak Silkmoth has been cultivated in Japan for more than 1000 years,its silk is white,elastic,durable and very expensive.Adult moth has a wingspan of 10-15cm.Its larvae feed on quercus while the adult moth doesn’t eat at all,he has enough energy to fly for a couple of days and to reproduce,then he dies.In the middle of 19-th century family Mach has settled in Veliki Slatnik (Slovenia).In…

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