Syrphid fly on strawberry flower


Thanks to my blogging friend Jeremy Sell from The Life of your Time my “wild bee” has got a proper name, it actually is not a bee, but a Syrphid fly!!! Assuming that not each bee-looking insect is a bee, what makes me feel good is the fact that this fly is actually a good looking one, plus it feeds on some pests in the garden, so it definitely deserves a post in My Botanical Garden! Thank you again Jeremy:)

Part two: Fodrambler from A Tramp in the Woods has given the full name to this Syrphid fly:” It is a Marmalade Hover Fly, Episyrphus balteatus of the family Syrphidae and your one is a female of the species.” This is exciting, I love the name but keep asking myself: where does Marmalade name come from? I would understand marmelade 😉 . Thank you, Fodrambler!

ps: take care to check Jeremy’s and Fodrambler’s blogs!


8 thoughts on “Syrphid fly on strawberry flower

    1. Thank you, Jeremy, as I love to learn something new-even from my mistakes-the post is getting updated asap. After all, this could be good news, assuming this fly would battle Cydalima perspectalis on my buxus bushes?


  1. Beautiful Syrphid Hover Fly. Just for the record because so many of our flies don’t have common names and I think that is a real shame, this one does. It is a Marmalade Hover Fly, Episyrphus balteatus of the family Syrphidae and your one is a female of the species. 🙂 Lovely sharp image and rich colour.

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    1. THANK YOU!! This is really exciting, after all I was thinking it was a wild bee when I posted this picture! I guess en general the knowledge about insects is not too abundant among those not dealing with them, which is a pity.I for myself am always happy finding the opportunity to make a picture of some interesting insects, but I don’t know how to classify them. OK, I distinguish spiders from wasps, but with wild bees, as obvious, I have problems 😉


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