Is this an Earth star?




3 thoughts on “Is this an Earth star?

  1. Hi Tamara. I can’t say from that picture. An Earthstar is a central fungi a bit like a puffball with an outer skin that opens in segments to make a star like shape around the ball. Some of them close when it is dry and open again when it is wet. Obviously they change as they start to decay and the central ball which contains the spores may collapse. I suggest doing a Google Image search for “Earthstar Fungi” or “Geastrum” and then have a look at your fungus and see if it matches. There are about fifty different species of Earthstar and they do vary quite a bit but I think that they all have that segmented outer skin. If that is a fungus then I can’t think what else it might be but I think that it is in a state of decay.


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