Ceiba speciosa, from painter to hibiscus

My Botanical Garden



What a tree! I met this one in Malaga and was completely  fascinated the very moment I saw it, the silk floss tree that Spaniards call pallo boracho -the drunken stick.Scientifically it is Ceiba speciosa. And considered one of the most beautiful trees. And believe me, it is something special.The first impression is a bit weird as it is unusual to see tree bark covered with spikes and green from the top to the toes. But the big pink flowers opening at autumn, bring this tropical miracle into the centre of attention. Quiet interestingly, the plant had been wrongly systematized until recently. With former name Chorisia speciosa it was moved from  family  Bombacaceae to the family Malvaceae, where the hibiscus belongs, too. And the two do have flowers quite similar, just have a look at the hibiscus from Ljubljana Botanical Garden below!


What has a painter to do…

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