Opuntia and Pierrot



6 thoughts on “Opuntia and Pierrot

  1. Hope all going well and tried to leave a comment on your about page but got stuck in all the amazing comments about your blog. I enjoy following you but must have missed that page and thanks for keeping an eye on my blog.


  2. Opuntia fruits, sold individually, on a thin stick, in the Meknes medina–memories from the 70s. Opuntia fruit–when you are dying of thirst. Fruits split open and placed on the stick so the punters(like me) would not get spines in their fingers while quenching their thirst.


      1. I was really thirsty when I tried–the days before individual water bottles. I look upon it now as a way to conserve water use when people do not have ‘unlimited’ water from the tap. Maybe there might be a downside in longterm health from decreased water intakeโ€ฆI’ll stop the ramble now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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