My friends gave me the strangest rose

Visiting our friends L. and A. always means great time, many jokes, laughing and talking . Homemade vanilla ice cream is specialty of the house and, needless to say, we’ve newer been served bad vine .This time it was pretty the same. So I believed, asking them to explain the strange plant they were growing in a vase ( in the bathroom??),  they were just joking about the plant name -rose. Even more when L., laughing , said she had one for me, as well. This one was more like dried weeds from Mars then a rose!!!!! She explained me all I had to do is  put the rose (what a name for some dried weed ! ) in the water and wait. Of course ,which i did first ,was checking the net. What a story !!! The ”rose of jericho” or Anastatica hierochuntica is one of the strangest plants I’ve ever seen. Growing in deserts it is completely adapted to the dry environment, when there is not enough water it dries out and waits- for many years if needed- and then with just some drops it unfolds and delivers its seeds again. And this can be repeated up to 20 times!! Can’t wait to try if this really works !! i promise to make some pics then, too!!

About the name “rose of Jericho”, the 16th century herbalist John Gerard is said to have remarked The coiner of the name spoiled it in the mint; for of all plants that have been written of not any are more unlike unto the rose. from:



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