Syringa vulgaris or smell of spring




When May comes after a long winter, it looks like green hues are painting the landscape all over the place.Since always you remember the spring smell of new leaves opening all over the forests, gardens, parks. And, indeed, when first fresh green tiny leaves are unpacked from spring buds, it feels again everything could be possible in the spring of this year. The almost forgotten smell of lilacs seems to become more than a mere memory quite soon. And when the first tiny spring rain comes, washing down leafy smell in the air, you feel spring is already evidently here, then you open the window and sweet smell of lilacs embraces you.There it is, lilacs in fool bloom , and now you know for sure, this spring is real…… 

Open Window Lilacs Study 1886 - Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov

“Open Window Lilacs Study 1886” oil on Canvas,Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov, from:

The Lilac Bouquet - Serkis Diranian

“The Lilac Bouquet” oil on Canvas, location: Private collection.Serkis Diranian, from:

The Bunch of Lilacs - James Jacques Joseph Tissot

“The Bunch of Lilacs” oil on Canvas.James Jacques Joseph Tissot from:

Gathering Lilacs - Daniel Ridgway Knight

“Gathering Lilacs” oil on Canvas Daniel Ridgway Knight, from:

Lilacs - Boris Kustodiev

“Lilacs” oil on Canvas Boris Kustodiev, from:

7 thoughts on “Syringa vulgaris or smell of spring

  1. Lilacs and spring. I remember a place where I once lived for several years that had many old lilac bushes with trunks several inches across. I always looked forward to warm spring nights when I lived there.

    Like the old paintings with the lilacs.


  2. Lovely pictures! The scent of Lilacs is heavenly, they are flowers which touch you somewhere deeply. Thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂


  3. What a post! I recently posted about Japanese Privets (Ligustrum japonicum) and Lilac is from the Oleaceae family; the family of the privets, olives and jasmines.


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