Pretty in pink



11 thoughts on “Pretty in pink

  1. Tamara, I read your post from 2012 with the photo of the butterfly on the straw hat, so share this with you. Women in my mother’s family lived in Domzale 3 generations ago and back hundreds of years. The Masanoviaes & Hribars soaked straw in the stream behind their house to soften it & make straw hats. In 1904 the daughters immigrated to New York City to do it there. Do you know if any evidence remains of the straw hat industry in Domzale? Johanna


    1. Johanna, I will try to find out whether they do have some museum about straw hat manufacture in Domzale. For there are no more artisans of this kind there, which is a pity as straw hats still are in demand. Do any members of your family still stay in this bussiness? All the best, Tamara


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