Heuchera Lemon Chiffon

For all of us, battling flu these days, some lemon- in colour at least! I’ve planted it this fall and it is my favourite in these winter days without snow and with so narrow brown – grey-dark green colour sheme in the garden. And then I can’t wait to see how this crisp lemon yellow will look with spring and then summer shades of flowers here around. For now, in frost, it looks just gorgeous!



23 thoughts on “Heuchera Lemon Chiffon

  1. Sorry, phone editing went wrong-wanted to say: It is a bit unussual as red berries accents are more common for winter garden, but this lemon yellow really works!

    • I love them, too and have still deep red ona plus one with apricot shades, plus some green ones. Sometimes deer eats it but otherwise they are simple to grow ?

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