14 thoughts on “Little Long – Horned Grasshopper that is Cricket, indeed

      1. Thank you for the link! Now, Derrick, it really is a cricket, but has also other name- long-horned grasshopper (but I still do admit my mistake ) Have to fix the title right away! Thank you all !

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      2. You’re welcome, Tamara. I think people associate crickets with night and grasshoppers with day hence the “mix up” with names.

        Do you know if this one makes a sound or call at night?

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      3. Well, I associate crickets with seaside, they re quite noisy there. And I do associate grasshoppers with lawn around our home. I shall find out more about sounds this little one makes, I will let you know. But as far as I understand the key sounds and calls around our house come from birds, bees, frogs, we have a toad or two, and some neighbor dogs and cats …

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      4. The green grasshoppers with long antennae are sometimes called tree crickets. They do spend a lot of time in trees and lay their eggs in the bark. I hear them calling on warm summer nights. The call is very much unlike the regular brown and black crickets.

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      5. I see. All those names, but at least I’ve got a better picture now.And now I remember how many black crickets were around my home when I was a child. I wonder where are they now, although I like this green one…

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