Once there were trees


7 thoughts on “Once there were trees

  1. Such sadness. Hard to “Like” a photo that shows such destruction but it is good that you remind us. I’m wondering what the purpose of the logging was. Perhaps to salvage dead trees infested with pine bark beetles?

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      1. We lost a lot of trees in Alberta due to pine bark beetle infestations. Those came about because of warming temperatures (climate change). Our winters got warmer and the insect were able to cross over from British Columbia. We’ve seen great swaths of dead trees down through Montana (USA) and Idaho too.

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      2. bark beetle is huge problem in Slovenia, too, but the worst damage was made by catastrophic sleet some years ago, whole forest areas were damaged. But my photo was taken in Alpine region of Slovenia, where a high waterfall changed its bed after an earthquake. So some new
        riverbeds of a torrent formed and made damage, too and this is what I caught.

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