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Hedge pruning

hedge pruning Tamara Jare garden photography

By Tamara Jare

Slovenian contemporary figurative painter.
Art is life. Contemporary figurative painting. Oil on canvas. Love colors.
Slovenian artist Tamara Jare specializes in figurative oil painting on canvas. Her paintings are defined by vibrant colors, be it still life, landscape or portrait. Tamara Jare artworks have been exhibited at curated art shows in United States, Italy and Slovenia.
Tamara Jare artwork has been presented in SAATCHI ART BEST 2021 and BEST 2022 COLLECTIONS.
Browse official site to read Tamara Jare art blog with the news from her painting studio, new releases, scheduled exhibitions.
Saatchi Art is exclusive seller of Tamara Jare paintings.

7 replies on “Hedge pruning”

I meant, if it was a painting, all those layers, the different textures, the broken and healed patterns… nice! 😉 Mine was overgrown after a month in Iceland, but fortunately my clippers were sharp. Unfortunately, I had to fight my way in through the giant marigolds, the tomatoes, the clover, and the irises. Most lived to tell the tale, but I did scrape my shin. Serves me right!

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Indeed, garden as inspiration, all the tales, colors, textures, a lot to work on! As you will understand me, the real challenge is the work on the inspiration got there, but on the other side, I love working in the garden too, gives so much back! And of course, no problem for me, my husband did the pruning 😉


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