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Hedge pruning

hedge pruning Tamara Jare garden photography

By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

7 replies on “Hedge pruning”

I meant, if it was a painting, all those layers, the different textures, the broken and healed patterns… nice! πŸ˜‰ Mine was overgrown after a month in Iceland, but fortunately my clippers were sharp. Unfortunately, I had to fight my way in through the giant marigolds, the tomatoes, the clover, and the irises. Most lived to tell the tale, but I did scrape my shin. Serves me right!

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Indeed, garden as inspiration, all the tales, colors, textures, a lot to work on! As you will understand me, the real challenge is the work on the inspiration got there, but on the other side, I love working in the garden too, gives so much back! And of course, no problem for me, my husband did the pruning πŸ˜‰


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