Plants in art

Vase with Tree Motifs

Beautiful baluster vase decorated with tree motifs, Japan , between 1900 and 1910, porcelain

Collection of Dr Otto Fettick, Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts, Budapest

Plants in art Tamara Jare painting

Three onions Painting by Tamara Jare | Saatchi Art

Plants in art

Old Botanical Illustrations

plants everywhere Plants in art

Orchis Mascula

A minute for history:

Orchis Mascula, a wonderful illustration from an old botanical book.

Artist : W. Heubach.

Book title: Leitfaden Derek Botanik printed by A. Pichlers Witwe & Sohn, Wien, 1905

plants everywhere Plants in art

Cloister garden,Santa Chiara, Naples

cloister garden of the Santa Chiara Monastery in Naples with octagonal pillars photography tamara jare
Cloister garden of the Santa Chiara Monastery,Naples, with octagonal tilled pillars photo Tamara Jare
plants everywhere Plants in art

Lemon vase

Small yellow lemon vase, photo Tamara Jare. Vase from museum ferenc hopp, budapest. made from glass in meiji era.
Small lemon vase, photo Tamara Jare

Small lemon shaped vase with lemon glaze imitating lemon skin,

Japan, Meiji era, 1868 – 1912

Collection of Dr. Otto Fettick, Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts, Budapest

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Lemons and art

When I remember Capri I remember lemon trees. Blue blue sky, azure sea and yellow, yellow lemons on the trees. I brought some lemons home from Capri. As they were gone I felt so sad not having any good photos of Capri lemon trees. I had  photos of Capri lemons, even of ceramic ones, but of no lemon trees.  Searching net for nice pictures of lemon trees I’ve found a picture as bright as those lemons from Capri. And I’ve discovered a great American artist,Charles Demuth. His art makes me happy, as those lemon trees from Capri did.





Zinnias and a Blue Dish with Lemons - Charles Demuth

“Zinnias and a Blue Dish with Lemons” oil on Canvas. Charles Demuth, 1924, from:

File:Demuth Charles The Boat Ride from Sorrento.jpg

The boat ride from Sorrento, Charles Demuth, from:


Three lemons on leaf like green plate set on turquoise drapery Tamara Jare contemporary still life painting oil on canvas figurative painting wall art
Lemons, Tamara Jare
plants everywhere Plants in art

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.Henri Matisse

porcelain herend plate with hand painted flowers yellow tulip red roses photography tamara jare
photography: Tamara Jare

I bought this little broken porcelain plate at the flea market some time ago. It was not an act of conquering a treasure, it was more a feeling that this small piece has to be saved and protected. I still keep it. For  each time I look at it I ask myself, is it so dear to me because of pretty hand painted flowers , or for the fact that someone glued it together so carefully to overcome destiny. But in fact it reminds me, each time again, that it is worth it. It is worth to plant a flower,  it is worth to make a bouquet, it is worth to paint a plate, it is worth to glue broken pieces together. Because you newer know when someone would come by and say: look at these pretty flowers, they are worth it!

P.s.: to see flowers in my painting, please visit my site 🙂

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Gros Noir d’Hiver and Young Woman At A Window Pealing Radishes

Gros Noir d’Hiver  is another name for winter radish. Can you imagine that  among the hobbies of nobleman at the French court was breeding ? And even more weird, the plant they were interested in was a simple winter radish they named many aristocratic names? French revolution of course didn’t have inclination for such frivolities and so  we can eat only simple winter radish now. Which relates us  to the Egiptian workmen  on pyramids, in a sense, as radishes were their food, too. Herodotus wrote about it ,leaving the question how similar to the slaves are we today up to us……

Citation: Many noblemen in the French court bred different varieties, so many types of radishes had aristocratic names. In the fallout of the French Revolution these names were dropped, causing even more confusion when trying to trace how certain modern radishes are related to the older ones. from:

On the pyramid it is declared in Egyptian writing how much was spent on radishes and onions and leeks for the workmen, and if I rightly remember that which the interpreter said in reading to me this inscription, a sum of one thousand six hundred talents of silver was spent; and if this is so, how much besides is likely to have been expended upon the iron with which they worked, and upon bread and clothing for the workmen, seeing that they were building the works for the time which has been mentioned and were occupied for no small time besides, as I suppose, in the cutting and bringing of the stones and in working at the excavation under the ground?
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Young Woman At A Window Pealing Radishes - Jacobus Johannes Lauwers

Young Woman At A Window Pealing Radishes, by:   Jacobus Johannes Lauwers , from:

plants everywhere Plants in art

Happy 2020

Wishing you a happy 2020!!!!

Happy 2020 Red pine trees under snow in winter forest Tamara Jare figurative abstract oil painting
Happy 2020 Winter forest Tamara Jare oil painting