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The Krakovo Gardens

Urban Gardens NYC

This post is by contributing writer Tamara Jare!

Name:  Tamara Jare

Blog: My Botanical Garden

Guest Article:  The Krakovo Gardens

Krakovo Gardens 4 These are the Krakovo Gardens today.

This My Botanical Garden post is dedicated to all urban gardeners in New York City.

When My Botanical Garden was invited to contribute a post for the Urban Gardens NYC blog, I spent quiet some time trying to figure out what the best topic would be. My wish was to make a post to send greetings from Ljubljana to New York as a postcard that’s picturesque, interesting, educational, informative and green. This seemed almost impossible at the first glance, but then it turned out to be more than easy – I just had to remember a tiny place I pass every day on my way to my office, a tiny place I used to live near by, a tiny place I like to show…

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