Chocolate as Medicine: Spanish Physicians Approve the Food of the Gods

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When chocolate arrived from the Americas the Spanish posed a crucial question: was chocolate beneficial to one’s health? Health was a central concern for the Spaniards, who were beholden to an outdated and mostly ineffective collection of medical theories that dominated Western medical practice for nearly two millennia.[i] For chocolate to be judged suitable for consumption it would have to fit within the widely accepted theory of humors. Hippocrates (460-377 BC) is credited as the inventor of the humoral theory of disease and nutrition.[ii] According to Hippocrates the body is comprised of four humors including blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm.[iii] These humors are derived from the elements, including earth, air, fire, and water.[iv] Each fluid is associated with a different organ, and each is correlated with different physical principles: warm and moist, cold and dry, warm and dry, and cold and moist.[v] Like…

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Andres Duany: Street trees a “technical and social necessity”

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You won’t look at street trees the same way after listening to this old clip by Andres Duany, from a lecture given way back in 1989. Andres is entertaining, sometimes controversial, and always worth your time to watch. This whole lecture is great, really, but start the video from minute 42 if you want to skip to the part on street trees. Thanks to Joe Minicozzi for making me aware of this great lecture.

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Paris accueille L'Arbre à Vent

“The official launch of the final prototype (of the wind tree) will take place at Place de la Concorde in March 2015 when the Tree will be ‘planted’ and remain there until May. NewWind say they have already sold 40 pre-mass production Trees to be installed in France in September 2015. Mass production and commercialization in France and neighbouring countries is scheduled for June 2016.”

official :

Paris accueille L'Arbre à Vent2

new wind arbre-a-vent

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New Plant GENUS Named For Naturalist Sir David Attenborough

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Discovered in Gabon, Africa, the new genus, Sirdavidia, was created to encompass and new species of flowering plant, Sirdavidius solannona, belonging to the custard apple family.  The international team found the specimen which bears fuchsia flowers, in Monts de Cristal National Park.  They chose to honor Sir David Attenborough for his considerable contribution to science and his personal influence on the many researcher involved in its identification, especially lead researcher Dr. Thomas Couvreur.

Flower of Sirdavidia solannona. Image credit: Thomas Couvreur. (Sir David Attenborough’s newest honor: Sirvidius solannona. Image Credit: Dr. Thomas Couvreur) (Wildscreen’s photograph of David Attenborough at ARKive’s launch in Bristol, England © May 2003 via Wikipedia)

According to Sci-News, Sir Attenborough was “thrilled” and responded:

“I know very well that such a decision is the greatest compliment that a biologist can pay to another and I am truly grateful.” (Sci-News)

Sir David Attenborough may be most recognized from his BBC…

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