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Michele from the pink shed shares her thoughts  about  her blogging beginnings and her new blogging friends. Please, do check her blog and show her we are a big community!! And do share your own experiences with blogosphere, I’d love to hear from you, my blogging friends!


Dear Reader: Back in December, I was on Maui Time reading Blog Inc. by Joy Cho and deciding if I should go public. Googling me yielded no results. I had no Facebook page. I had only just begun to read blogs. The surf and the sand mixed with the Christmas carols, and Joy’s assurance that blogging…

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Happy anniversary

6 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 6 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
Hard to believe, but yes, I registered on WordPress 6 years ago. It’s been quiet a journey since then, meeting interesting bloggers, reading friends from all across the globe, learning how to manage a blog , learning about many subjects I do care about. Which I started as activity that should help me in one of the most difficult periods of my life is now giving me back so much. Surely, we do grow in our lives, and so my blog evolved over time, too. But something stays constant: that joy when I know that I do have a good post, this special thrill when I write a post and then finally nice feelings reading comments from my blogging  friends ,readers, reading their blogs and commenting their posts.
My dear ( in accidental order):
Harold Rhenisch – haroldrhenisch.wordpress.comx
navasolanature – navasolanature.wordpress.comx
flahertylandscape – flahertylandscape.wordpress.comx
gaiainaction – gaiainaction.wordpress.comx
Maureen Sudlow –
Nigel Boldero – nboldblog.wordpress.comx
Beth – betulawordpress.comx
Sheryl @ Flowery Prose – floweryprose.comx
derrickjknight – derrickjknight.wordpress.comx
Born To Organize – gardeningnirvana.wordpress.comx
Karen’s Nature Art – karensnatureart.wordpress.comx
StillWalks –
goldenbrodie – heartclosetblog.wordpres
A Really Small Farm – areallysmallfarm.wordpress.comx
Clanmother –
Thank you for your precious thoughts visiting My Botanical Garden, thank you for sharing your time, thank you for flying with me!
Thank you!

Gentiana asclepiadea watercolor

Starting My Botanical Garden blog about 5 years ago  I couldn’t imagine I’d find so much joy taking photographs of plants, flowers, their details, colors, structure, nature…..and I couldn’t possibly imagine I could, later on, find so much fun painting all these plants, flowers, bouquets, nature…..As I feel a bit guilty for not posting here for a while, let me say sorry and let me invite you to have a look at my Etsy shop:

I hope you like it !

And I promise to post some nice pics soon, too 🙂