There are always flowers for those who want to see them.Henri Matisse


I bought this little broken porcelain plate at the flea market some time ago. It was not an act of conquering a treasure, it was more a feeling that this small piece has to be saved and protected. I still keep it. For  each time I look at it I ask myself, is it so dear to me because of pretty hand painted flowers , or for the fact that someone glued it together so carefully to overcome destiny. But in fact it reminds me, each time again, that it is worth it. It is worth to plant a flower,  it is worth to make a bouquet, it is worth to paint a plate, it is worth to glue broken pieces together. Because you newer know when someone would come by and say: look at these pretty flowers, they are worth it!




 Flower Shop in Bologna

When traveling I always try to find   flower shops and flower stands to take a photo. It is wonderful to see how people from different countries put flowers on display, the places where you can buy flowers, what do the bouquets look like, how much do they cost? In Oslo a bunch of us,colleagues bought together a tulip bouquet for our friend that invited us home,it was so expensive and then in Napoli I remember a young boy proudly delivering a huge bouquet from the flower shop somewhere in the neighborhood,he was happy just holding it. In Trieste you can find cyclamen in each flower shop and Salzburg has wonderful flower stalls at its Grunmarkt. Wandering Milan at night a gypsy boy would came by to sell you some roses, red as love. In Valencia I saw the most colorful bouquets .But wherever it is , it is always the same, flowers bring joy, sometimes looks like even the seller himself is happy offering such an abundance of color.And I always try to capture at least a bit of this joy to bring home with me and it was just the same with pictured above flower shop in Bologna. Wouldn’t you be happy to have one of those bouquets, at least in the photo?