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Human stone water dance

By  a coincidence I’ve posted my Jezersko post at the same time as my bloger friend Harald has posted the post Living water on the Chilcotin plateau ( ). I was surprised to discover some photos that could be easily switched, but knowing, that both landscapes were formed by a  glacial, makes this more understandable. Thinking about those similarities I’ve accepted Harald’s idea to write some more words about the human stone water dance at Jezersko.  

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Settlement Zgornje Jezersko was formed near a big glacial lake that started to disappear after the big earthquake in 1348. The little remnant of that glacial lake are Planšarsko jezero and the name of the village.  Yet the water is still, even after the vanishing of the big lake, one of the key elements making Jezersko valley picturesque and rich. The first element here around is by no doubt stone, Alps here  are high mountains, but from the valley a narrow trespass among them leads to the North. First travellers, merchants, soldiers and peasants, were using this steep and narrow path to pass Alps in Roman times already. Some of them stayed in the rich valley. For there they found not just stone, not just water , but also rich vegetation, deep forests and wide grassland. And the vegetation was the one that started human stone water dance in this settlement centuries ago. Agriculture here means forestry ,some crops, potatoes, vegetables, some fruit like apples or pears. And there are berries and mushrooms in the forests. And then bees.Farmers make good living here.One may say human stone water dance. Fascinating is, that even today, in the 21st century this dance has the same steps as far ago, and a passenger coming near by is drawn into this dance of the nature, as it would be a rock opera! How this music remains pleasant even after so many centuries? My answer is-human stone water dance here around respects nature vegetation,  be it for mere survival, be it for mere adoration  of it’s beauty…………..


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