Snowdrops photography by Tamara Jare
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Snowdrops bouquets

White spring flowers Snowdrops or Galanthus nivalis  bouquets  at the market close up photography Tamara Jare
Snowdrops at the local market, spring is coming !!!

Nature Plants plants everywhere Plants in art

First snowdrops


In the garden snowdrops have finally reappeared. They do show up each spring, but this time I’ve almost missed them. White patches of the last February snow perfectly camouflage tiny white bells I’ve been impatiently waiting since days became few minutes longer. How can these small flowers bring so much joy? Their flowers tiny and white as fresh snow of winter that lasts too long have light green patches , even lighter fresh green stems and leaves of the color green  that is the very first green nuance of the spring to come. Promising sun and pink flowers in the orchard.