Kitschy ladybug botanist marks first tulips



First spring day yesterday ,spring equinox last night,world poetry day today,parent meeting tomorrow,project deadline next week-a schedule to crush even a stable botany lover !Thanks god for this little find in 1€ shop, it saved my optimism (for what a prize!) today! It may well be kitsch, but look at this little ladybug botanist smile! It makes you believe first tulips are just to come, and you will certainly mark them decently! And in between you will write a  poem at this tiny blackboard-it’s poetry day today,isn’t it?

Sunflowers-Vincent van Gogh

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Sunflowers, c.1888

Vincent Van Goghfrom:

Opening the new art page in My Botanical Garden may I start with Vincent and his  Sunflowers, as they are so well known, becoming a symbol of our common consciousness.Interpreted so many times, from worst kitsch up to classy reinterpretations, the sunflowers always bear that echo from the hot summer with them.Are sunflowers as plants already a symbol of forgotten summers or is art reinterpreting their symbolism to tie them with our memories of endless summers?In this case I may ask, with all the seriousness, was there first Vincent ore were sunflowers?