Baroque garden with puttos

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image It was in the middle of winter when Nigel (Old school garden ) was asking me about historical gardens in my country. Dear Nigel, I have not forgotten I only haven’t found the right one My Botanical Garden could present-till now! But this one is just perfect, listen to  the story:

A.D. 1763

Count Lanthieri enters his room, with handful of first cherries from the valley. Crop is good this year, God knows how will the  wine be. Anno Domini 1762 was a good year. Extensive family vineyards, dominating the valley, gave exquisite wine, it was sold to Venice, Rome, Vienna, Luwigana. And the palace was renovated, garden was redesigned, all in baroque manner. Count opens the window overlooking  the garden, his glance slowly glides along the long garden axis. He is expecting guests from Luwigana today. Before they come, he will have a walk down in the garden, to admire new puttos . Thanks God,  it  was possible to set the concert stage in the garden this morning, in a way that new palace façade is seen from the best angle, dominating the garden and its exotic plants. Count Lanthieri,  trying to imagine surprised eyes of his eminent guests,takes a deep breath.  The cooks are meantime  preparing food to be served in the garden after the concert, musicians are already preparing their instruments .Count is satisfied with God and himself……..

A.D. 2013

A woman enters Vipava town park, with handful of first cherries from the valley.  This year cherries are sweet , who knows how will the grapes be. She admires putti and the original entrance to the baroque park . A pedestrian is walking down the park,  in a hurry, not to miss his job in a  little vine shop for tourists. From a window across the park radio plays modern music . She tries to imagine how would her readers, from England, Canada, USA and elsewhere, like some pictures from this garden. As she takes the camera from the bag, her glance glides slowly  along the garden axis to meet rich baroque façade, renovated last year. It is said School of Viticulture and Enology of the University of Nova Gorica is entering the building in a year.  She feels as if the old count is looking down from a palace window , happy with a nice day …