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Prunus Buds, photography Tamara Jare
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Prunus serrulata and Cherry blossom Viewing

Cherry Blossom at Asakura - Utagawa or Ando Hiroshige

Utagawa or Ando Hiroshige:”Cherry Blossom at Asakura” oil on Canvas.from:

Cherry Blossoms at Asakayama near Edo - Torii Kiyonaga

Torii Kiyonaga: “Cherry Blossoms at Asakayama near Edo” oil on Canvas.from:

Cherry Blossom - Pierre Amede Marcel-Beronneau

Pierre Amede Marcel-Beronneau:”Cherry Blossom” oil on Canvas.from:

Cherry blossom Viewing at Kiyomizu Hall in Ueno - Ogata Gekko

Ogata Gekko:”Cherry blossom Viewing at Kiyomizu Hall in Ueno” oil on Canvas.from:

Spring makes me happy each year .This year the winter was cold and so long we almost forgot the colours of a spring sunny day. Yet it is now here, opening our hopes towards the future, making us believe sun will shine forever and all these vivid colours of spring flowers in breeze will carry us into some new days. Unexpectedly,this Japanese cherry in full bloom embraced me not only with the smell of new day to come, but with sweet memories of past days at the same time.Admiring pink cherry buds opened in early day I remembered how many years ago my son couldn’t wait cherry blossoms to fall down to make us a pink carpet on the pavement on our way to kinder-garden.And as these thoughts under cherry tree have carried me back into memories I’ve searched across some old art works with cherry trees catching my memories-to be transposed in future of the spring day again, staying fascinated with the impression of old and new times catching each other under a cherry tree!

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