Nature Plants in art

Grass bed -Emil Krajišnik, Forma viva Portortorož, Slovenia

botanic garden garden volunteers

inter generational sculpture workshop

imagestatue from Boboli Garden

Botanical gardens and statues,nature and sculpture-they live one from each other since the first gardens have been set up to nowadays.I decided to use this connection as a concept for the inter generational learning workshop .The idea was to bring together different generations,make them learn together about nature (in botanical garden) and then    help them to express new knowledge in art (using clay, learning about sculpture as well).

Preparing the project I was happy enough to meet people who liked the idea.With a lot of coordination, with many ideas exchanged (and some abandoned),with big enthusiasm and  with some improvisation, we did it!

Today was the day:early in the morning we all met in the garden.20 kids from gymnasium with two teachers,12 senior sculptors,7 senior garden volunteers,our art professor,some students and some curious garden visitors who joined us to follow the lecture that Mrs.Nina from the garden had prepared for us.It was a rainy morning,but nobody bothered.Did you know that yew was almost extinct in the middle ages in Europe? Why?It’s wood is very elastic and was excellent material to make bows!

After the lecture we all listened to the short introduction into clay sculpturing.And then the work started!And a lot of laughing, learning from each other and helping to each other. Attendants formed smaller groups and each group made one sculpture  together.One of the kids was our official photographer-taking pictures all the time,captivating even the professional photographers (from 3 different newspapers ) who came along.

Our statues will be burnt and in May we are meeting together again-to paint our art and to prepare an exhibition in the garden.It will be fun, as some kids-having a quartet of their own offered to give us a concert under the trees at the same time.What to say?Come along-it will be fun (AND learning )!You should believe, for that is exactly what has been said on TV today, where our projet was shown in the prime time!

The only bad news? Guys from TV have borrowed the memory card from my photo, so you will have to wait for the pics till next time 😉