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Pine cones jam

pine cone jam in glass jar with a tea spoon on white lace table cloth photography Tamara jare

A dear friend from Ukraine has gifted me a glass of pine cones jam. I’ve never before thought pine cones actually are edible! To my big surprise the cones in jam have exquisite taste, a combination of caramel and pine tar aroma. And not to mention the small pines, they are actually soft and tasty!

The recipe is not very complicated, either.

Pine cones have to be harvested in may, by the time they are still small, green and soft.

Wash the cones carefully. For 0.5 kilo of cones use 0.5 kilo of sugar, put them both in pan and boil. When jam boils reduce the temperature to cool down. Repeat three to four times, by the time color of cones changes from light green to dark caramel or crimson color and the consistency of syrup resembles honey. Put in sterile jars and close still hot. Adding some vanilla, cinnamon or honey will change the taste. A kind advice: do use the stainless pan, as cones are rich of tar and might ruin enamel pans 😉

Now you can enjoy in wonderful taste of pine needles and tar in caramel like syrup! Even more as the treat is said to be quiet healthy, good against cold, flu, asthma and more.

Bon appetit!


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