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Lemon vase

Small yellow lemon vase, photo Tamara Jare. Vase from museum ferenc hopp, budapest. made from glass in meiji era.
Small lemon vase, photo Tamara Jare

Small lemon shaped vase with lemon glaze imitating lemon skin,

Japan, Meiji era, 1868 – 1912

Collection of Dr. Otto Fettick, Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts, Budapest

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Lemons and art

When I remember Capri I remember lemon trees. Blue blue sky, azure sea and yellow, yellow lemons on the trees. I brought some lemons home from Capri. They’ve remained in my subconsciousness in a way, just till the moment I’ve found some similar at the local market back home. As I’ve brought them home I’ve painted them the same day, just to remind me forever of all the yellows and blues of Capri………..



Lemons, Tamara Jare, oil on canvas, 2018

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Plants plants everywhere Plants in art

Zinnia bouquet

Zinnia bouquet Tamara Jare contemporary oil painting
Zinnia bouquet Tamara Jare contemporary oil painting

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plants everywhere

Sunflowers and ship, Koper, Slovenia

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Yellow and black, twice

Sunflower and bumble bee, photo Tamara Jare
Nature Plants plants everywhere Plants in art

Yellow lemon tree


Nature Plants plants everywhere Plants in art

Hibiscus Apollo



Once upon a time lived a small boy and he liked baking little cakes.Cakes were tender and sweet, as he was, and they were round and yellow, as little suns.One morning all the cakes were missing and the boy was crying and crying, asking where all his little suns were. For he was calling his cakes little suns. And indeed, they had turned into little yellow suns and moved up to the sky.

Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Plants (detail-3) 1511 - Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo Buonarroti , “Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Plants (detail-3) 1511” oil on Canvas.from:

When Apollo saw the sad boy he took his carriage to pick the little suns and bring them back to the boy.


Odilon Redon , “Apollo’s Chariot 2” oil on Canvas.from:

But the boy was afraid to take them back, they were real burning suns now, how could he keep them? So Apollo turned the little yellow suns into yellow hibiscus flowers to open each day one after one, just to make the little boy happy.

Fuyo. Hibiscus En Fleurs - Utagawa or Ando Hiroshige

Utagawa or Ando Hiroshige ,  “Fuyo. Hibiscus En Fleurs” oil on Canvas.from: