Plants in art

This page is meant to mirror the many creative ways art has used portraying plants.This pic I made in Berlin tanti anni fa is a good illustration :showing how art using language and iconography of plants can transform primal objects to tell more.Sunflowers here are not only plastic kitsch, nor reminiscence of van Gogh,even not only symbol of endless summer, but in this case they flourish over a trabi……….the interpretation may be up to you.

Find the Sunflowers I’ve painted here 😉

67 replies on “Plants in art”

I promise I will-meanwhile our inter generational sculpting workshop took place in botanical garden today-working on that post;)


I like to paint, too , and I may agree with you about flowers!
Your photos are just beautiful!


Thanks for liking my Tamborine Dreaming blog. I find yours delightful – in fact the whole matter of flowers in art is delightful. Years back I did a degree thesis (Asian Studies) on the role of flowers, and floral art, in Japanese literature. I maintain two other blogs which have to do with plants most of the time, and and you might like to visit these sometime. Tamborine Dreaming is a blog just to celebrate the beautiful place in which I live – a place in which both plants AND art flourish.


Looks like a happy car.
I like your idea for showcasing the plants in art. Even thought you might bring up the festivals like the Rose Bowl Parade where they decorate all the floats with flowers. I remember one over there in Europe too but can’t remember the name right now. People go all out to decorate with the flowers, its really something to see.
Then there is so much more normal type decoration with plants. Paintings, fabric design, wallpaper, prints, ceramic, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 🙂


Wow, this festival decorating with flowers must be something! About more normal decoration with plants- not easy to find, but then I look after a story behind, this is a bit more difficult 😉


Using plants in any type of art is a beautiful concept. Considering that art can take so many different forms, just a simple handful of wild flowers as a centre piece for a table creates so much atmosphere. Nature at its best!! I love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!


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