Ant’s appartment




12 thoughts on “Ant’s appartment

      1. Laughter is good for you ; – ) Yes, I woke up 3 days ago to find my kitchen counter and stove top covered with the ants. I sprayed everything down with vinegar and then I sprayed corners (away from food) with Raid House & Garden in the green can. I like it the best. It keeps them away for about 2 weeks, sometimes longer when they find another room to invade. I can’t stand them in the kitchen – they make me crazy too!


      2. I have them for the first time, I ‘we bought raid ant traps-ant goes trough it and catches some log lasting chemicals that kill ants ,I hope it works!


      3. The ant traps never worked for me. Maybe I didn’t have the patience to wait. I like the spray because it kills them immediately and is effective for several weeks. It smells bad, but I just leave the room or sometimes the house!


      4. I see you are right, trap didn’t work, today I’ve started with spraying.We live near forest, they should stay there and leave my kitchen to me!


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