Rob Viens exclusive for My Botanical Garden- Cyttaria darwinii

Welcome on board, My Botanical Garden readers, we are still on journey with Rob Viens and Darwin! This time Beagle sails around the Cyttaria darwinii! Rob thank you for this fantastic post written specially for My Botanical Garden and its readers! We are staying on board till your next post!

The Beagle Project

Darwin did not have much to write about on the 10th, merely stating:

“Removed to a bay North of Orange Bay.” (Feb 10)

So I’ll use the opportunity to continue the story of the southern forests. Today – the story of a little yellow golf-ball shaped fungus that Darwin found growing on the trees. As it bears his name, it only seems fair that he should have the first chance to describe it:

“In the Beech forests, the trees are much diseased: on the rough excrescences vast numbers of yellow balls grow.— These are of the colour of yolk of an egg.— & vary in size from a bullet to a small apple.— in shape globular, but a little produced towards the footstalk or point of attachment. They grow both on the branches & stems in groups…

Sketch of Darwin’s fungus from Voyage of the Beagle:

Cyttaria darwinii


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By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

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